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Laser Hair Removal

Get beautiful smooth skin with the most advanced laser hair removal solution

Remove unwanted hair on your chin, neck, stomach, back, arms, underarms, legs, breasts, and bikini line.

Unlike traditional methods (waxing, shaving, bleaching or using depilatory creams), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser hair removal impacts the root of the problem, rather than offering a temporary solution. Traditional methods will require treatment forever, while Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser only requires a few sessions. Most patients notice a significant reduction in hair growth after a few sessions and eventually smooth and hair-free skin.

Laser hair removal san jose
Laser hair removal

The ultimate solution for getting rid of unwanted hair

Treatments are fast, convenient, and comfortable

During laser treatment, an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser beam passes through the skin towards hair follicles. The penetrating energy then heats up the root of the hair, which in turn prevents future hair growth.

IPL Lasers have a built in skin cooling surface which is one of the largest for all hair removal devices. This makes treatment more comfortable than other devices, with most patients noting that the treatment is virtually painless.

Achieve the smooth and soft skin that you’ve always wanted.

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How does hair removal work?

In the past, the usual remedies for unwanted hair were plucking, tweezing, shaving, waxing, or chemical depilatories. Other remedies include sugaring, threading and bleaching. Some are painful, some are messy, and all are only temporary.

For long-term hair removal, electrolysis is popular and effective, but can be uncomfortable and slow. Hair by hair, an electric current passes through a needle to destroy the hair root's ability to grow. It typically takes months or more of regular visits - even for small areas, like the upper lip.

Now there's a more effective solution, Laser Hair Removal, a light-based treatment specifically designed to remove unwanted hair faster, with less discomfort, and more reliability than many other methods.

What is the main benefit of Laser Hair Removal?

The main benefit is permanent or long lasting hair reduction. A large percentage of Laser Hair Removal patients will experience permanent or long lasting hair loss in the treatment areas within 6-9 sessions. Laser Hair Removal provides a gentle, effective treatment for lasting hair removal. Remove unwanted hair on your chin, moustache area, side-burns, neck, stomach, back, arms, underarms, legs, breasts, and bikini line.

How does the Laser Hair Removal work?

A laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light. Different types of lasers produce different colors of light. The color of the light produced by a particular laser is one of the keys to its effect on hair follicles.

The light emitted by Laser Hair Removal systems is well-absorbed by the pigment located in hair follicles. The laser pulses for a fraction of a second, just long enough to vaporize the pigment, disabling numerous follicles at a time to eliminate or significantly impede the hair's regrowth.

Most Laser Hair Removal systems use a special contact-cooling hand piece, perfect for sensitive skin. It protects and cools the upper layer of the skin before, during, and after each pulse while directing the laser energy to the hair root. The combination of this aggressive skin cooling and other key laser parameters allows safe and effective treatment of all skin colors.

What should patients expect during and after treatment?

The length of a laser session may be a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the size of the area being treated. Because the laser tends to treat hair follicles that are in an active growth phase, more than one treatment may be required to disable hair follicles that subsequently enter this growth phase.

Laser treatment itself may cause a slight tingling sensation. Most patients tolerate the procedure well. But because some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, topical anesthesia can be an option.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser Hair Removal systems include built in safe guards to provide hi-tech efficacy with optimal levels of safety. As with any medical procedure there may be some side effects, though generally minor and manageable. Possible side effects may include irritation, redness, and some scabbing on or near the treatment areas. In rare cases, there may be a slight effect on pigmentation in the treated skin. This is why it's important to consult a licensed Dermatologist prior to treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal painful?

Most patients are able to tolerate the treatment well. Since the pulse of the laser is fast, reducing any discomfort. In fact, medication or anesthesia is not required at all, before or after. None the less, topical anesthetic is available upon request.

How much downtime should patients expect?

The appearance of the treated area immediately after the laser session will vary from patient to patient depending on the extent of treatment and skin type. Immediate after-effects, if any, are minor. They may include redness and swelling, which disappear in a short time. Most people return to normal activity right away.

Is there a difference for Laser Hair Removal on Darker Skin?

In the past Laser Hair Removal systems worked better for persons who had fair skin tone with dark hairs. However today most systems can treat up to skin type VI, described as skin with deeply pigmented dark brown skin tones.

Am I alone in having unwanted hair?

No. You are far from alone. Among American women, 82% have facial hair and unwanted body hair, and 70% use one or more hair removal techniques. Unwanted facial hair, especially coarse, dark hair, or excess hair is fairly common.

Should I shave, tweeze, undergo electrolysis, wax or use a depilatory before my first treatment?

No. For optimum results, please refrain from any hair removal for 3 to 5 days before your first treatment.

Can I wear makeup during treatment?

We prefer if you arrive without makeup, but if you are coming from work, we will remove your makeup during the cleansing process.

What are some of the causes of abnormal hair growth?

Generally, abnormal hair growth can be caused by irregular hormone levels, environment, how you treat your hair, some medications, and, of course, heredity. Other factors that may be involved in abnormal excess hair growth can include stress, over-sensitive hair follicles, obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes, thyroid disorders, oral contraceptives, androgen secretions, overactive adrenal glands, endocrine disorders, etc.

What are the 3 phases of hair growth?

Anagen - Hair's active growth phase is called anagen. During anagen, the hair contains an abundance of melanin.
Catagen - Catagen is the regression phase when the lower part of the hair stops growing but is not shed, and the follicle is reabsorbed.
Telogen - The resting phase is called telogen, during which the old hair falls out in preparation for the development of new hair.